material world

Being stuck in many airports over the years, I passed time by reading a lot of different magazines and publications.

Irrespective of genre, nearly every one of them had something vacuous to offer, making us insecure, trying to make us consume more.

The more I browsed through the gloss, the more I had the urge to assemble these words and pictures in my own way.

Early 2018, I bought a truckload of scalpels. Since then I have been butchering various printed matters. My archive is forever growing and there are boxes labelled "words", "faces", "hands" etc. everywhere. I'd like to think that, a bit like a Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities, this collection serves as an indicator of our longings, dreams and passions.

The work is my response to today. A kind of skewed version of advertising. Sometimes, funny, sometimes weird and sometimes just for the sake of it.

Comments form the gallery:

"Strangely hypnotic, felt like my brain was taken for a walk; in a good way." Armando Janson

"Watch out! You will get sucked into a vortex of text and imagery and hopefully come out on the other side." Jennifer O'Neill

"They make my brain feel the same way it does when a phrase is on the tip of your tongue but you can't quite remember it." OVW

"Weston's work creates a brain freeze where you try to figure out what's going on only to get more confused - in a good, kind of meditative, way." Rudi Weiss

A limited edition of 50 prints of each artwork is available.

Signed and numbered on archival paper, size 10” x 12”. Collage and digital.

Larger sized prints and prints on canvas available on request.